2017 will be the first year SOARD Solutions offers grants that directly benefit those who risk their lives for the safety of those around them. As the company grows, so will the assistance that we offer to underfunded departments and regions. For 2017, the following SOARD Solutions grants are available:

Grant identification code is in parenthesis ( )

(TK1) “Turn-Key” Entry Level Drone Program

    •  Full regulatory consultation
    •  FAA certification of 2 remote pilots
    •  1 “Deployment Bundle” that includes a UAV, extra battery and hard plastic case
    •  Assistance with development of standard operating procedures for awarded department.

Financial Assistance Grants

    •  (A1)“Tuition and Travel”- Financial assistance that would benefit underfunded departments with tuition and travel expenses for select training.*
    •  (A2)“Equipment”- Financial assistance that may offset the cost of UAV equipment.*
    • * Amount of assistance to be determined by financial constraints on the department in relation
      to the regional impact that such program would have.

To apply for any of these grants/programs, please send (info@soard-solutions.com) an e-mail that includes the following:

      •  Formal request for financial assistance by Head of Department
      •  Grant identification code
      •  Department name
      •  Point of contact (Name & Title)
      •  Geographic area of responsibility (including areas covered under mutual aid agreements)
      •  Call volume for previous year
      •  Proof of financial constraints
      •  List of surrounding departments that would be assisted should your agency receive this grant
      •  500-1000 word essay explaining how UAV technology will be implemented and the benefit it would have on your local community (please describe how this could offset the costs of wasted resources as well as help keep first responders out of harms way)

All requests and inquiries should be submitted no later than August 15, 2017.
Awarded departments will be selected and published at www.soard-solutions.com on Monday, September 11, 2017.


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