Drone Aerial Data Gathering and Photography

SOARD Solutions can gather information by high-resolution photography and video that will assist with property planning and mapping. Drone aerial data gathering has assisted with everything from planning layouts on small tracts of land, to mapping 1,000+ acres.

Scene Documentation

Whether it is the site of a vehicle collision or industrial accident, SOARD Solutions is ready to gather the information that you need. Our skilled drone photographers employ unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as hand held high-resolution cameras to insure that every detail is documented.

Damage Assessments

When natural disasters occur, SOARD Solutions has drone flight teams ready to handle your organizations high call volume for damage assessments. Our teams are proficient with FEMA guidelines for Damage Assessment Reports.

Search & Rescue

Experienced drone flight teams could mean the difference between life and death. In emergency situations, our flight teams can fully integrate with ongoing efforts. All SOARD Solutions team members have been trained to follow ICS and NIMS protocols.


SOARD Solutions has implemented game changing technology for farmers. In one flight, we can gather data that will assist your decision making for the rest of the season. We have aerial platforms outfitted with NDVI sensors. These sensors allow us to monitor the density and health of your crops. A grower can contact us and get actionable, field-level information the next day or sooner. It’s hard to beat the immediacy and convenience of planning the mission, collecting the data, and getting near real-time results; only SOARD Solutions offers these benefits.


Every training requirement we fulfill is different, so we work with our clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions that accommodate their structure, capabilities, equipment and budget.
Our drone training curriculum is based on the ‘ADDIE’ model which includes five phases:

  • Analysis: Conduct an assessment with our clients on their current and desired capabilities, preferably at the operational location.
  • Design: Drawing from previous drone training and international best practice, we work with our clients and a dedicated curriculum cell to generate customized programs of instruction.
  • Develop: By incorporating client input we are able to develop a coherent and sustainable curriculum that meets the requirements of the operational role.
  • Implement: First we administer the curriculum through drone pilot tests and T3 training. This is followed by full implementation of the curriculum via specialist instructors who deliver focused training.

We administer our curriculum and training at the location that will be most effective and beneficial to our clients. Most often, this is at client-based sites. Through client-based training, our clients can receive SOARD training with minimal disruption to their commercial or operational function. We make best use of local facilities found within the client’s environment, as well as supply all necessary materials.

 We possess the capability to construct and operate training facilities, as well as deploy Mobile Training Teams.

Government Consulting

SOARD Solutions offers a seamless, one-stop shop that provides customized and affordable drone solutions to support both the governmental and commercial sUAS marketplace. Given the current demand and growing need for aerial data collection, we are optimally positioned to serve this market with our technical capabilities. We are currently growing our customer base, and expanding our service portfolio to include best practices consultation.


Whether you’re interested in high definition photos or creatively edited video, our team can work with you to create a product you will be proud of. Our videographers may specialize in using aerial platforms, but they are just as talented on the ground.


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