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Over the past year, SOARD Solutions equipment and man hours have been expended in several emergency situations. Our UAV systems have assisted local governments with everything from search and rescue and law enforcement operations to damage assessments. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere 100% of the time. Knowing the value of the services SOARD provides, we decided that in order to have a larger impact on the region, we would empower the very agencies that could otherwise become paying customers. In a world that is constantly chasing the ever-elusive profit, we have decided to chase opportunities that lead to a positive impact. If someone were to ask one of our team members whether they place the needs of SOARD before the needs of the community, they would explain that our needs coincide with one another. What’s good for the community, is good for SOARD Solutions.

While drone technology may not be new, it is new to many in the field of emergency services. The Alton Regional Training Center (ARTC) has dedicated itself to training first responders for the emergencies they will face in the future. It came as no surprise when SOARD was challenged by ARTC to customize a curriculum for first responders throughout the region. We accepted the challenge and within a few months we kicked off our first class.

Our students were made up of representatives from multiple agencies throughout the region, all with the common goal of legally operating drones for their respective roles. As the class progressed, SOARD began to tweak the course to fit individual needs. Within the first five days, two students had already passed their FAA remote pilot exam. By the 8th day of class, the rest had followed suit.

It has always been an honor to serve the community around us. By serving those who dedicate themselves to protecting others, we feel that SOARD is taking its place as a catalyst for change in the way that emergency crews respond to challenges. It has been our belief that the emergency service profession is in the beginning stages of a renaissance. We believe this for two reasons. First, they have to be. What they have done in the past will not be good enough for a world that is becoming more complex by the day. Second, the right people hold the positions needed to effect change. For the first time in the history of the service, we have leaders in place that have experienced technological advancements at the rate of the past two decades.

Without a doubt, lives will be saved because of an increased situational awareness that UAV’s bring to emergency situations. By entering into a strategic partnership with ARTC, SOARD Solutions will continue to serve first responders by providing them with the equipment and training needed to deal with tomorrow’s challenges.


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